Make Money on Pornhub
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How to Make Money on Pornhub?

It’s well-known that Pornhub can be seriously profitable for adult content creators & pornstars. With this platform, it's easier than ever for you to earn money by creating what you love– porn videos.

That said, if you’re new to Pornhub, it can be quite challenging to understand how to monetize your porn content and start making money. In fact, there are endless possibilities to profit from Pornhub, such as selling custom content, ad revenue, referrals, and more.

Even if you start your own porn site, Pornhub will help you earn a living; by generating ad revenue, redirecting traffic, boosting your brand, and many more.

In this article, you'll learn about the multiple revenue channels available to adult creators on Pornhub so that you can choose what you like and start making money.

How You Can Make Money on Pornhub?

Pornhub has over two billion monthly active users who spend an average of 7 minutes and 50 seconds on the site per visit. Therefore, it is no surprise that adult creators earn six figures annually. Here’s how adult content creators can make money on Pornhub.

To access all the exclusive Pornhub revenue channels, you have to go through the following:

  1. Create a free account on Pornhub
  2. Sign up for the Pornhub model program
  3. Get verified through any of your government ID
  4. Fill out the model application and submit

Once you’re done, you’re set to enjoy all the revenue streams of the platform.

Make Money on Pornhub

1. Advertising Revenue

Ad revenue is the most obvious way to make money on Pornhub. Similar to Youtube, Pornhub has several factors that determine how much you earn from advertising, such as:

●     The number of viewers who see the ad

●     Viewers who clicked the ad

●     Sales generated by your viewers through the ad

●     The country of viewers

On Pornhub, for every thousand ad views, you can make $0.69. Increasing your channel's subscribers can boost the revenue generated by advertisements. So it is imperative that you produce engaging content and actively build your fan base.

2. Video Sales

As a Pornhub model, you can sell your porn video on the platform to your audience. You can determine the price of your video. So ensure to set the right price. If you can’t decide, then research your competitors and learn how they do it.

In the event of a video sale, Pornhub will take 20% of every video sale and 15% as a processing fee, leaving you with 65% of profits.

3. Selling Custom Videos

Pornhub users can request custom videos from their favorite models. Most of the custom content requests will revolve around the fantasies and fetishes of your audience.

So make sure to brief about your turn-ons and turn-offs in detail on your Pornhub profile page. It will give your audience a clearer picture of what you can offer them. Like video sales, you can keep 65% of the profits for every successful custom video sale.

4. Downloadable Content

You can make extra money on Pornhub by setting a price for all downloadable videos. Having more viewers increases your video's chances of being downloaded. So try to create top-of-the-line videos that are actually attractive and sexy to your audience.

5. Pornhub Fanclub & Tips

One of the impressive revenue channels of Pornhub for models is Fanclub. By creating your own fanclub, you can sell not only videos but also pictures. To access your ‘fan only’ content, users must become members of your fanclub.

In addition, you can also earn money by getting tips from your fans. So get started building your fan base now to profit from the fanclub.

6. Earn through Pornhub Premium

Pornhub premium offers exclusive porn content for users on a monthly subscription. As a model, you can earn by adding your paid video to the Pornhub premium site. You will get a commission according to the view share rate. For example, you will get $40 - $45 for every 1000 views on Pornhub premium.

7. Pornhub Referrals

If you want to make some extra cash on Pornhub, you can refer a model to join the model program. For every successful model referral, you can get $50. You can find potential model referrals in your friends' circle, social media, and acquaintances. Before sharing your referral link, ensure they are passionate about becoming adult models.

8. Monthly Contest

Pornhub conducts a viewer’s choice contest every month for models. You can join the contest by submitting a video, and the winners will be decided at the end of the month by the votes of the viewers. The first-place winner receives $3000, and the second and third-place winners receive $2000 & $1000, respectively.

9. Exporting Your Video to Pornhub Partners

Pornhub is partnered with several premium porn tube sites such as YouPorn, RedTube, and Tube8. Enabling the auto-export feature to Pornhub partners allows them to publish your content on their porn sites. You can expect to earn $$$ from every single exported video.

Although it's one of the easiest ways to earn an extra income, your content's quality and creativity will determine the revenue it generates. So create porn content that will entertain your viewers so much that they will want to watch all your videos on all three tube sites again and again.

10. Redirect the Traffic to Your Official Site

As you are aware, Pornhub allows its models to link their official adult websites on their profiles. Using this feature, your viewers can be redirected to your site, which will boost your traffic. With more traffic, you have more chances to drive sales of your exclusive porn content.

11. Amazon Wishlist

Just like linking your own website, Pornhub also gives access to add the model’s Amazon wish list. Simply add all the products you wish to get as a gift from your fans to your Amazon wish list. The more fans you can create, the more gifts you can receive. So make sure you create porn content that your fans actually enjoy.

How Much Money Can You Make on Pornhub?

Top models on Pornhub earn more than $40,000 per month. But if you’re starting anew, you can expect to make around $2000 - $10,000 per month, depending upon your content and fan base.

For example, one of the most famous couples on Pornhub, Yiny and Leon, recently revealed that they make $15,000 to $20,000 per month on the platform. In the beginning, they made around $2000 per month, and gradually, they increased their revenue by producing high-quality content that looks real and comfortable with their audience.

How Does Pornhub Pay You?

Pornhub pays its models every first week of the month, but it changes depending upon the payment method you choose. For example, if you use Paxum, you’ll be paid on the second or third week of the month, and if you choose cheque as your payment method, you’ll be paid out on the third week of the month.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $100; if you make less, you can only check out the amount the following month.

In case you’re reading up till now, it shows you’re eager to make money from porn sites like Pornhub. If so, why not create your own porn site so that you can generate even more income? Want to know how? Keep reading!

How to Create a Website Like Pornhub?

There are two ways to build a porn tube site like Pornhub. The first way is to build the site from scratch. If you ask us, we will say this method will suck your wallet dry and gobble up several months of your time.

The second way is to build your porn site using a ready-made tube script. xStreamer by is one such excellent porn tube site script that helps you create a highly profitable and scalable porn site fastly and securely. In addition, xStreamer is available for an affordable price of $199 and comes with 6 months of free customer support and product upgrades.

Several revenue streams are available on xStreamer, such as affiliate commissions, selling pay-per-view premium video, leveraging banner and text ads, and many more. Once you start boosting traffic for your website, you can be sure to earn at least $10,000 every month.

The Takeaway

There are lots of factors to consider when deciding how much money you can make on Pornhub, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to what type of content you can offer. This remains true regardless of how famous the channel is or how much money you make on Pornhub.

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